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Do you want to lose body fat, build long term results, and truly feel confident when you look in the mirror? Of course you do…

But if you’re stuck with just wanting those results without ever actually achieving them, then something is holding you back…

My message to you today is about finding that willingness inside of you to take the first steps towards your fitness goals. So, if you have a goal that is worth fighting for….keep reading!

Getting serious about moving forward will require you to be honest with yourself. It won’t be easy, but real change can only happen when we are 100% honest with ourselves about where we are at in the progress of our goals.

I hear it every day from people making the turning point from wanting results to achieving them. 

➡I wish my arms were tone or I had a flat stomach

➡I’m 10 lbs. heavier than I want to be

➡I’m tired a lot and feel out of shape

➡I think about my health often, but don’t take action


They get excited about what it would mean if they actually saw real results:

☑Lost 10 lbs. on the scale.

☑Created a routine that helped them unwind and work on self care

☑Looked in the mirror and saw muscle tone in their arms 

☑Went down 2 pant sizes


So, ask yourself, what do you think is getting in your way? 

Here’s what we see 9/10:

You are waiting for the right time, the right place, the right circumstances. You never quite feel ready….so you just wait……and wait…… and wait…….and wait!! All of that overthinking and waiting for the right time…debilitates you from ever taking action. 


There will never be a perfect moment, and if there is…it will be fleeting. Health and fitness isn’t about finding the right time….it’s about

➡MAKING the time

➡and staying committed to the JOURNEY

We’re challenging you to TAKE ACTION.

Coach Jordan