/var/www/html/wp-content/themes/Divi/single.php 3 Nutrition Steps That Immediately Start Cutting Body Fat | Iron Forged Athletics

1.Schedule Your Meal Times

Most people under eat because of distractions or overeat due to poor planning. The first step in eating healthy is to schedule your meal times in your calendar. This will ensure you are reminded to eat and block off time for you to eat periodically throughout the day.

2.Remove “Unhealthy Foods” From Your Pantry

We are creatures of habit and our environment. We tend to eat the foods that we can see and at arms reach. If our desk at work or pantry at home is filled with junk food, we are going to eat more junk food then we would if our desk or pantry was filled with healthy snacks. Remove the foods that are not on our healthy Food List to start shedding fat without thinking about it.

3.Complete Your Week 1 Meal Plan

Dropping body fat should be enjoyable, that is why we will teach you how to make your own meal plan with foods you love! Use the Macro Cheat Sheet for a quick reference to start creating your Week 1 Meal Plan today!

**P.S. when you are done planning your meals, put your ingredients on the Grocery List and start shopping!