Meet our August Member of the Month….. Lia Kotsopoulos.

Lia is 35 years old, a full-time mom and full-time Speech Language Pathologist.  She’s a regular at the 5:00pm class.  Since joining IFA in August 2016, Lia has been a loyal member of the IFA community.  She brings a positive attitude, great work ethic and enjoys being coached.

Lia enjoys the high intensity workouts with a weightlifting component in them.  Her favorite movement is the power clean.  She uses CrossFit as her therapy which allows her to sweat, reset and relieve the days stress.

We’ve seen Lia grow over her time at Iron Forged Athletics. The biggest change CrossFit has provided for Lia, according to her, is her mental strength and the mental capability to power through a tough workout.  She believes CrossFit can be modified to fit most people’s needs.  It doesn’t matter your size or strength.

When asked what piece of advice she would give, Lia said “I had only done CrossFit for 8 months before I got pregnant with my first child.  I have two children now and worked out through both pregnancies up until delivery.  If I can do it pregnant, you can too!”

Congratulations to Lia on your hard work and consistency.

Fun fact about Lia:  She speaks an elementary level of Greek and has been to Greece 4 times in her life.