April 2020

Programming for the week of April 5-11


Monday April 6th: EMOM 1st: 3 tempo Thrusters at tough weight: 3 sec down, 3 sec hold, 3 sec up, 3 sec press, 3 sec return to start 2nd: 40 sec handstand walk or bear crawl 3rd: 40 sec plank kettlebell pull through (may use a dumbbell or anything with weight)   Tuesday April 7th [...]

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March 2020

Programming for March 29 – April 4th


Monday March 30th: EMOM Every 5 minutes x 4 sets: 10 Good mornings with 3 sec negative (light weight) 10 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (same weight) 200m run Core Finisher: 2-3 sets: 20 sec weighted flutter kick 20 Russian twists 20 weighted deadbugs Tuesday March 31st: For Time 21-15-12-9-6-3 Weighted Sit ups Push Press, at [...]

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Programming for the week of 22-28 March


Monday: AMRAP Warm up: 1 set: ankle rotations x 10 in each direction knee rotations x 10 10m each knee hugs lunge with a twist figure 4 Cossack squats karaoke toe walk heel walk outside of the foot inside of the foot jumping jacks x 10 PVC or broomstick passthroughs x 10 Pre workout [...]

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Programming for the week of March 16-22


Monday: "Nancy 2.0" 3 Rounds for time: 30 Overhead squats 75/55 800m run *mainsite workout 2-26-2020 Tuesday: AMRAP 17 min AMRAP 500m row 3-5 strict ring dips 5 rower pike ups   Wednesday: Rounds for Time 4 Rounds for Time: 7 Dumbbell Push Jerk (heavy) 3-5 bar muscle ups (unbroken) 20 Air Squats *13 min [...]

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Programming for the week of March 8-14


Monday: For time 10-20-30 Single-arm Dumbbell Thrusters Foot-anchored, weighted sit ups 20/14 Tuesday: 25 min AMRAP 2 Power Cleans at 80-85% 6 T2B 8 Burpees to 6" target 20 Double Unders   Wednesday: "Diane" A. 12 min HSPU work B. 10 min Deadlift technique work and warm up C. "Diane" 21-15-9 Deadlifts Handstand Push Ups [...]

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Programming for March 2-8, 2020


Monday March 2nd A. 5 sets: 5 tough KBS + 3-5 High box jumps *rest 2 min between sets B. For time: 1500m row 60 burpees *athlete may split the work however he/she wants   Tuesday March 3rd: A. 3 sets: A1. single leg barbell good mornings A2. Barbell bent over row A3. KB front [...]

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February 2020

Programming for February 24- March 1st


Monday: Heavy Day A. 5x3 Snatch Push Press *rest 2 min between sets B. 5x3 Overhead Squat *rest 2 min between sets   Tuesday: 4 Rounds for Time 15/12 Cal A/B 3-5 Muscle Ups (Ring or Bar) 12 KBS 32/24 Iron Comp: A/B: 20/15; MU: 5-7; KBS: same Iron: as written Forged: A/B: 12/8; MU: [...]

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August 2019

Why a Rowing Bootcamp?


Chances are if you ask anyone what the first event of the 2018 CrossFit games was, they will know the answer. A marathon row. 26.2 miles on the rower. 42,195 meters. Ever since then, it seems that rowing pops up in most competitions, and daily WODs. Don’t get me wrong, I love that rowing has [...]

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July 2019

4 ways to improve your cool downs!


Cool Down For What?! Why you don’t spend enough time cooling down and 4 ways to fix it! Picture this: You’re on your fourth straight day at the gym this week. You walk up to coach, by the whiteboard, and say, “Hey, Coach! I’ve been SUPER(we totally get it) invested in improving my game. [...]

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