August 2019

Why a Rowing Bootcamp?


Chances are if you ask anyone what the first event of the 2018 CrossFit games was, they will know the answer. A marathon row. 26.2 miles on the rower. 42,195 meters. Ever since then, it seems that rowing pops up in most competitions, and daily WODs. Don’t get me wrong, I love that rowing has [...]

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July 2019

4 ways to improve your cool downs!


Cool Down For What?! Why you don’t spend enough time cooling down and 4 ways to fix it! Picture this: You’re on your fourth straight day at the gym this week. You walk up to coach, by the whiteboard, and say, “Hey, Coach! I’ve been SUPER(we totally get it) invested in improving my game. [...]

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Rowing BootCamp


Appropriate for all ages and levels of athlete. - How to pace your peice -Learning your stroke to increase efficencey and power - How to read the screen. -Proper Warm Ups, & Drills -Mind and Body Awareness On Your Rower Couch Puja is a Level 1 Crossfit Coach at Iron Forged Athletics. She has [...]

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