Jessica Cole

Age:  37

Occupation: Nurse Practitioner at Carolina Rheumatology

Favorite Cheat Meal:  Brooklyns Pizza and a cold IPA

Favorite Movement:  Box Jumps

Favorite Fact about yourself:  I earned my 2nd degree black belt in martial arts and was the youngest female black belt in New England – so basically I’m a ninja.

Jessica joined Iron Forged Athletics in March of 2017.  I had been crossfitting for several years but had almost a year break when I got out of the military and moved to NC.  I had heard great things about IFA but lived in Sanford at the time – when Robert and I moved to Fayetteville he surprised me with a membership for Valentine’s Day (so romantic!).

I love the staff at IFA because they help me push myself to the limits, but always within paramaters that are safe.  Doing Murph at 3 months postpartum was an achievement that I felt comfortable attaining because of the guidance and help from the coaches.  

My fitness goals are always centered around pushing myself to my own limits and never giving up the idea that I can still get better.  IFA never assigns limits whether based on age, build, gender, height, weight or taco consumption.  If you want it, they will help you achieve it.

Moving forward, my goal is to be back my ring muscle-up.  I was able to do muscle-ups prior to my last deployment in 2016 where I injured my shoulder – 3 years, one baby and 20lbs later I can no longer do them.  

There are days when I don’t feel like coming to the gym, but I do because my friends are there.  It’s not just a gym – it’s family!  And I love my family.

Being named member of the month means I am now on the same level as Joe – so that’s a big deal.