I started CrossFit a little over a year ago and I wish I would have started sooner. The team at Iron Forged is friendly and makes everyone feel welcome. They have a great coaching staff that is knowledgeable, helpful, and genuinely want the members to succeed in their personal goals. The workouts are challenging and tough but made scalable to be completed by athletes of any skill level. The coaches will break down each step and take the time to make sure everyone is completing movements correctly and safely. During the COVID quarantine, they’ve hosted daily Zoom calls so members can continue to work on their fitness while the gym is closed, still scaling and getting creative with equipment options at home. The entire team at IFA truly cares about their members and treat you like family. If you’re looking for a gym that’s about fitness and community, look no further than IFA.
Janelle Rockett
Iron Forged Athletics has always been attentive, creative and responsive to the IFA members. It has always been a great pleasure to workout at IFA and that is due largely to the coaches and the environment they create. The steady evolving of the programming and addition of new programs over the years has shown the willingness of IFA to change to meet the myriad of needs of the members (or a more accurate description would be the "IFA family"). So, it shouldn't come as a surprise at the innovation and adaptation developed by IFA to meet the needs of the IFA family during the restrictions placed on IFA due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The innovation/adaption of workouts during this time have ranged from employing technology to deliver high quality coaching, to outdoor WODs (while maintaining safety of participants, employing and enforcing new and changing health dept rules), to individual programming and more adaptations than I can list or of which I am aware. The facilities and the equipment have always been clean and well maintained. IFA is in many ways the most unique athletic facility in Fayetteville and I am blessed to have the chance to work out there with the other amazing members. I plan on continuing to work out at IFA and I am looking forward to the interesting innovations/adaptions I know await us after reopening the facility.
Steve Morningstar
I wish I could select two options - personal connection with a coach AND with another member. The biggest thing I've gotten from my time at IFA is the connection. The community. The friendships that I wouldn't have found otherwise. I am beyond grateful for that.
Tori C
Fayetteville, NC
I started IFA several years ago in my mid 30's now 41 and I am physically and mentally stronger than Ive ever been. I have always considered myself to be average in strength but IFA has taught me that I am anything but average.
Dewayne H
Grays Creek
This is my first ever gym membership and I was nervous about starting, but everyone was friendly and supportive. I went from not working out in years to looking forward to it and seeing results!
Katie A.
The coaches at IFA have helped me to get stronger and helped me reach my goal of running and completing 3 half marathons.
Matikia R.
Through out my time at IFA, Jordan has always been an inspiration and friendly. He personally helped me during the Holiday weight loss challenge and since then I have begun taking personal instruction from him. He is a great teacher, coach, and I would call him a friend.
Jeff K
I’ve enjoyed all of the coaches at IFA-they are supportive, fun and helpful
Liv T
IFA introduced athleticism to me for the first time when I started basic weight training. In the years since it has become a home for my own personal improvement both physical and mental. I could not have accomplished what I have without their staff's steadfast positivity.
Ray N.