Unlimited Month-to-Month


Limited Month-to-Month

$145monthly (3x per week)

Specialty Class Only (Move45/Weightlifting)


Open Gym Only

$100monthly (includes 24hr access)

Open Gym Drop In


CrossFit Class Drop-In


5 Group Classes

$79(30 Day Expiration)

Open Gym (5 Visits)

$55(2 Week Expiration)


Yes, we do offer childcare during the 9:30, 11:30am, 4-7pm classes.  Our highly qualified staff will take care of your lil ones while you get a top-notch workout.  You can pay $2/child per class or $25/month per child for unlimited use. Our childcare room is climate controlled, cameras and it’s own private restroom.
We don’t offer a shirt-trade or shirt-4-WOD program.  However, we do keep shirts in stock for purchase.

Drop-ins must be scheduled in advance.  The athlete must have greater than 6 months experience from a registered Affiliate, show-ups 10-15 minutes early to meet a coach & answer a few questions. Schedule a Drop-in > Pull Up class Schedule “Sign-In and pay.

Our drop-in rate is $20.  A 3% processing fee for credit card transactions.

When you first come to Iron Forged CrossFit, you’ll start out with a free intro session where you come in for a baseline workout, meet us, chat with our coaches, and talk with a trainer about your goals. Then, you’ll join us for our Foundations Course, where you’ll learn all the basics of CrossFit in a fun and encouraging environment. To get started today, just click.

A WOD is the workout of the day. We program a different WOD everyday. The great thing about CrossFit is that it is constantly varied, so there is NO typical WOD at Iron Forged Athletics. You can expect to see a very diverse mix of weighted movements, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, bodyweight movements, and other skill work. Check out our daily workout.


Picking the right program can be overwhelming. Let us help you!