Monday: AMRAP

Warm up:

1 set:

ankle rotations x 10 in each direction

knee rotations x 10

10m each

knee hugs

lunge with a twist

figure 4

Cossack squats


toe walk

heel walk

outside of the foot

inside of the foot

jumping jacks x 10

PVC or broomstick passthroughs x 10

Pre workout stretching

20 sec each:

calf stretch in downward dog

thread the needle


20 min AMRAP

200m run

10 Ball slams or KBS

12 pull ups

50ft handstand walk


Ball slams/KBS: water jug, weighted back pack, laundry detergent container

pull ups: bent over row with barbell or dumbbell/kettle bell or table pull ups

handstand walk: bear craw or shoulder taps in handstand

Cool Down:

2-3 min walk

Repeat stretches from pre workout and hold for 1-2 sets of 60 sec each

Tuesday: EMOM

EMOM x 16

1st: 20 Goblet squats

2nd: 12-20 push ups

3rd: 8 Shoulder Press

4th: rest


Goblet squats: 10 tempo squats at 3331, weighted back pack, small child, water jug

Shoulder press: same weighted options as above

Wednesday: AMRAP

Warm up:

2 rounds:

20 Spiderman lunges

10 lunges with PVC passthrough

50 ft single arm overhead carry (DB or KB)

10 goblet squats

20 sec hollow hold

3 sets:

3 each side Turkish get up (increase weight each set)


2-3 sets:

5 each side bird dogs

10 glute bridges with 3 sec negative

2 each side hollow to superman roll


13 min AMRAP

8 T2B

12 DB/KB snatch


T2B: fireflies, barbell windshield wipers

Snatch: water jug, or Sub 4 each side body weight Turkish get ups

Cool Down:

2 min walk

60 sec each side thread the needle

60 sec each side half saddle

60 sec each side single leg over






*20 double unders between each round



between two chairs

bench/box with weight or tempo down

Double Unders:

penguin jumps

toe tap on object: step or curb

Friday: Tabata

**Tabata is 4 rounds of 20 sec work, 10 sec rest

2 rounds:

Thrusters with empty barbell

*rest 1 min

Sit ups

*rest 1 min

Box jumps

*rest 1 min


Thruster: dumbbell, kettlebell, weighted back pack or water jug (1 or 2)

Box jumps: step jumps, tuck jumps or jump squats


4-6 sets: 400m run

*rest 2:30 between sets