Dear Iron Forged Athletes,

Brace yourselves for a long email, but tons of hard work and dedication to this community!

At 5 pm this afternoon the Governor of North Carolina issued an order directing restaurants and bars for dine-in customers but allows them to continue takeout and delivery orders.  Our job and civic duty as health care professionals to protect our members. We must do our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19.  

The bad news is that this means we will be closed from 7pm Friday, March 20th through at least Friday April 3rd.  Our goal is to re-open on Saturday, April 4th at 9am.   

The good news is that over the last few days after being inspired by CrossFit Fort Vancouver’s and Croga CrossFit’s creative thinking, we too have been working on our own Outside the Box Emergency Action Plan in response to COVID-19 and we’re ready to become a mostly virtual CrossFit box, with one exception.

And that one exception is even MORE good news!

One of the stipulations in the Health Officer’s order to shelter in place was that you’re allowed “to engage in outdoor activity, provided the individuals comply with Social Distancing Requirements as defined in this Section, such as, by way of example and without limitation, walking, hiking, or running.”


More on this outdoor stuff below, but when I read this one I got VERY excited even though the weather isn’t so great at the moment.

So, without further ado, let’s see what we’ve got planned…

Iron Forged Athletics Outside the Box Emergency Action Plan


“Outside the Box” is an Iron Forged Athletics Emergency Action Plan (EAP) to support our community in the event that the benefits of training outside of our gym outweigh the benefits of exercising together inside of it. It is a predetermined plan in place so that if/when the decision is made to mobilize it, we are able to effectively communicate and carry it out for the greatest good of all our members, staff, families, and community.


As a community, we can maintain the vast majority of our fitness and wellness while training outside the gym. At the same time, we can ALSO do the right thing by helping our larger community to slow the spread of COVID-19 and give the most vulnerable in our population the best opportunity to have medical services available if and when they’re needed. It’s not about us.



Gym Closure: Friday March 20th, 7:00pm

Initial time period: 2 weeks/14 days (March 21th – April 3th)

Hopeful Re-Launch: Saturday, April 4th @ 9am


7 Point Plan

  1. Running/Endurance Programming
  2. Move45 becomes Bodyweight Only Programming
  3. Modified At-Home CrossFit Programming
  4. Live Streaming and Video Recorded Workouts
  5. Member Organized Park WODs, Hikes & Runs
  6. Equipment Rental Available 
  7. Iron Forged Staff Availability & Support
  • Running/Endurance Programming
      1. We will continue to program running/endurance workouts daily for you to complete on your own. If you would like to post in the CrossFit IFA Members Facebook Group when you’re planning to head to the track and see if you can get some friends to join you, we’d love to see you post about it on social media #IFAOutsideTheBox. Please no high fives or sharing water bottles.
  • Move45 becomes Bodyweight Only Programming
      1. We will continue to program bodyweight workouts for you to complete on your own and posted a week at a time on our Website and publish them on social media daily as well.
      2. Weather permitting, we will look to schedule park workouts so we can still get together to have a laugh and get some fitness.
  • Modified At-Home CrossFit Programming
      1. We will continue to program CrossFit workouts that require minimal equipment and items that many of you have available to you in your home gym.
      2. If you have a fully outfitted home gym, we suggest you head to and follow the Workout of the Day just like Coach Jordan  used to 11 years ago before he had access to a CrossFit gym. The programming is great and we promise you’ll get more fit! Let us know if you need some modifications or scaling options, we’re happy to help.
  • Live Streaming and Video Recorded Workouts
    1. We are coordinating with our staff today and tomorrow to develop a schedule of classes that we can offer live online streaming via Zoom.
    2. We will upload our classes onto Facebook & Youtube – will email link via PP.
    3. We will have live streaming class at 9:30am daily.
  • Member Organized Park WODs, Hikes & Runs
    1. Being the amazing group of individuals that you are, we hope to hear from athletes that want to coordinate track workouts, hikes, park WODs and runs.  Check out Arnette Park, Mazerick Partk.  
    2. If you’d enjoy having other IFA Athletes  join you for some exercise outside, hit up the Crossfit IFA closed group for dates/times. 
  • Equipment Rental
    1. Limit by Weight and Quantity:
      1. 100# for CF
      2. 200# for OG
      3. 100# for Specialty
      4. All equipment rental quantities must remain within reasonable limits(1 BB per household/no more than 2 DB/KBs, etc…)
    2. First Come/First Serve
    3. Pick-up at and no later than 7:00pm 20 March 20
    4. Damage Fees
      1. $5 per pound for all weights, db’s, kb’s, barbells
      2. Market value for sandbags, wall balls, boxes, jump ropes, abmats, etc…
    5. Hand Receipt will be returned to member after drop-off
    6. Return all Equipment disinfected and clean
    7. $20 cash per stall mate for rent.  Must pick up and load. 
    8. Drop-off NLT 12:00pm 4 April 20(dates are subject to change based off of changes in COVID19 policy and fluidity of situation) late fees may apply

Contact Ben – [email protected] or 740-590-9411 to schedule signing out equipment 

  • IFA Staff Availability & Support
    1. While we will not be doing our usual coaching and entertaining at the gym, we do not view this shutdown as a three-week vacation, rather an opportunity to lean in to this community and provide our athletes/friends/family with unprecedented support.
    2. If you have questions about a workout, nutrition, sleep, mobility, or just want to chat with one of us because you miss having a laugh in class, please reach out, we can’t wait to make even stronger personal connections during this time away from group classes.
    3. To schedule phone calls with Coach Jordan or Coach Deb, email or text/call using the info below. Let us know and we’ll work with you to find another more convenient time to grab a coffee over the internet:
      1. Jordan – [email protected] or 828-612-4885
      2. Deb – [email protected] or 910-401-7850
      3. If you’d like to chat with another coach, let us know at [email protected]  and we’ll get you in touch with them


This is something that we never fathomed we would have to do. I’ve contemplated a lot of different scenarios as a small business owner, but an infectious disease that shuts down life as we know it wasn’t one of them.

However, despite how annoying this whole thing is, I really see this as an opportunity to improve.

Just like you all look to improve every single day when you show up at IFA to work hard to stay healthy and live longer.

We all have the opportunity to improve our fitness daily, like we always have, just on our own and via live streaming video technology (what a time to be alive, am I right?).

We also have the opportunity to reconnect with loved ones and friends, read more, do a puzzle, teach our children, play a game, watch a movie, take more walks, enjoy the wet weather, organize our drawers, learn a new skill, play an instrument, etc.

The possibilities are endless and the sooner we get over our anger and disappointment about the situation we’re in and see it as an opportunity to do things we don’t usually do, the sooner we’ll be able to enjoy these precious moments and time away from rushing around stuck in traffic and running to meetings.

It also gives me and our staff an opportunity to coach a few fewer classes, and spend that time improving the product for you so that on April 4th, when we get word that all is clear and we’re good to go, we’re ready to absolutely CRUSH the rest of 2020.

I have the utmost confidence that the Iron Forged Community will look at this as an opportunity to rise above and become better versions of ourselves and I can’t wait to see you all on the other side.

And with that, I’d love to leave you with the purpose and mission statement that Rachael and I dedicated ourselves to before we purchased Iron Forged Athletics..

Our Purpose 

Our primary goal is to create and sustain positive change in the health of each person we interact with by building personal relationships and implementing healthy habits to become a better version of themselves.

To build a community through genuine relationships and a family-friendly environment, centered around integrity and encouragement, and in doing so, positively and effectively engage our city and its surrounding local communities.  

Our Mission

We believe that the success of our members is predicated on the quality of our coaching and our ability to build strong, lasting relationships. Success means making a difference in each persons’ lives.  

We believe in helping people overcome obstacles to reach their health, fitness, and lifestyle goals.  Our community provides itself with integrity, positive attitudes and commitment to helping others become the best version of themselves.  

We believe in steady, healthy growth as a business by investing in employees who are committed to exemplifying character during work and their personal lives, and who are dedicated to our mission, purpose and success.  

  1. Coaching
  2. Community
  3. Quality Service 

Best Wishes,

Jordan Finlayson

Iron Forged Athletics, co-owner