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If you don’t start, then you never have to worry about failing… Have you heard this saying? It’s not likely, because it’s not talked about publicly, yet many hear it from their inner voice at times when courage is needed for trying something new or stepping outside your comfort zone.

Your inner critic will whisper in your ear:
There will be no disappointment if you don’t reach your expectations
There will be no judgment from others if you mess up
There will be no failure if you don’t have what it takes
There will be no discomfort from changing your routine

I want you to know this! Starting is the ONLY difference between the people who accomplish their goals and the ones who can’t get past the voices telling them they can’t. It’s true!

When you join our coaching program you’ll never have to START alone! You’ll get a clear plan, weekly steps that add up to your goal, and the support to transform your mindset needed to achieve the fitness you’ve always wanted.

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Here’s to putting yourself first and STARTING,

Coach Jordan

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