Chances are if you ask anyone what the first event of the 2018 CrossFit games was, they will know the answer. A marathon row. 26.2 miles on the rower. 42,195 meters. Ever since then, it seems that rowing pops up in most competitions, and daily WODs. Don’t get me wrong, I love that rowing has gained such popularity in the fitness world, but at the same time, rowing is still not approached the right way. What I mean, is that most people come into class, see rowing on the whiteboard, and just hope that they will be able to get through that part of the workout and onto other things. 

With that being said, I want to change the way people think about rowing. I want people to come into class, see rowing and say “Yes. I totally got this. This is the workout that I crush because of the rowing”. Having this change in mentality will not happen overnight, but with some small, manageable changes over hundreds of strokes, everyone can have that mindset. I am sure that not every 2018 CrossFit games athlete saw the marathon row and smiled, but I guarantee every single one of those athletes walked into the arena thinking “I got this.”

Having confidence in rowing comes from having great rowing form. Just like back squatting, snatching and clean and jerks, confidence under the bar comes from knowing the proper movement pattern and moving efficiently with weight on the bar. Olympic weightlifters almost always have textbook form. Rowing is no different. There is a right and a wrong way to do it. The better you row, the more efficient you are, which leads to speed. Better form allows an athlete to pull stronger for longer amounts of time. 

The rowing seminar focuses on making small changes to the rowing form. These small changes will lead to better efficiency. I will address subtle changes, such as hand placement to big changes like breathing or slide control. Being a better rower also means being knowledgeable about the movement and the rowing machine. I will also talk about that during the seminar as well. Knowing what all the numbers mean on the screen allows a rower to understand their power output and how to change it. 

I know that staring at the whiteboard at the start of class and seeing “Jackie” or a 2k row time trail is daunting and not many people know how long certain rowing workouts should take. I will also take time during the seminar to teach everyone how to gauge different workouts and how to row at the proper speed. Lastly, during the seminar, I will educate the class on how to self-coach through pieces so that they can make the changes they need in order to finish workouts with the highest efficiency.  

My main goal is to give every person the confidence to attack each and every rowing workout to the best of their abilities. I want to give every athlete the proper knowledge to better themselves on the rower. And hopefully, I can convert some people into loving rowing as much as I do.     

Rowing Bootcamp – August 17th, 9am-12pm at Iron Forged Athletics

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